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5 great ways to create your school yearbook

Champion your year with a truly memorable school yearbook. Choose whether you want to design your own, or let us design it for you.

You design your own yearbook

yearbook software

Yearbook Creator software

The most popular way to design your own school yearbook. Our desktop software is completely free and lets you access lots of artwork to use in your yearbook!

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online yearbook designer

Online Yearbook Designer Live!

Collaborate online to create your yearbook. Our free online design app lets you work on your yearbook using an Internet web browser.

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yearbook printing

Yearbook Printing

Use your own software to create your yearbook pages, send us your print-ready artwork files. Use our yearbook printing expertise to give you the best possible finish.

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We design your school yearbook

Professional Yearbook Design

We design your yearbook

Pick from our fantastic range of yearbook themes. Send us your photos and text, and we will create your yearbook for you.

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Custom Yearbook Design

Would you like a customised theme?

For an additional cost, our design team can create a theme especially for you - either based on an existing theme or an original idea.

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Professionally designed yearbook themes

Read how other schools went about their yearbook project. Browse our yearbook examples and customisable themes, alternative colours and different numbers of students per page.

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yearbook cover design ideas

Yearbook Ideas

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”
Napoleon Hill

You may already have a few ideas for your school yearbook, or perhaps you have a blank canvas and are seeking a spark of inspiration. Our yearbook ideas are essential for browsing yearbook page ideas, themes, yearbook design ideas and quotes. We’ll show you plenty of really fun yearbook ideas to make your school yearbook stand out from the rest.