Yearbook theme ideas – comic book style

Yearbook theme ideas – comic book style

Posted on December 10th, 2010 by Dayna


Our comic book style is a great theme for the illustrators among you, or anyone looking for a retro, nostalgic feel. Are you stuck for design ideas or need help with your comic book design? Then this post is just for you!

The prominent design features of a comic book style theme are:

1. Halftone effect images which are made up of small dots – if you have access to Adobe Photoshop you can create this effect on your own images – take a look at this tutorial to see how (if you don’t have Photoshop, there are free alternatives including GIMP – see Use halftone patterns as part of your background and overlay contrasting colours for a really vivid effect.

2. Bright and bold colours which jump off the page and keep the yearbook lively. SPC Yearbooks recommend choosing 3 colours (as well as black and white) and using these throughout your yearbook to tie it all together.

3. Use caption boxes and speech bubbles for comments and commentary. White or yellow text boxes and flash star shapes with a black outline are iconic devices in comic book design, and sound effect words such as ‘POW’, ‘ZAP’ and ‘BAM’ can be incorporated into page backgrounds or placed into corners and borders for uber retro fans.

4. Comic-style fonts such as ‘Comic Sans’ and ‘Felt Tip’ work well for comments and sound effect text.  We recommend using easy to read fonts for larger text entries.

5. Illustrations of tutors and (if you have time) fellow class members are a great way to achieve a superhero comic feel to your yearbook. Ask around or put up posters requesting volunteers to draw comic book superhero characters for your yearbook page designs – give a special mention in the yearbook as a reward for their artistic contributions!

For further comic book design inspiration, help and ideas for your yearbook, visit DC Comics and Marvel who are well known for Batman, Spiderman and Superman. Do you want to go further with an even more artistic approach? Take a look at Roy Litchenstein – he uses comic book style narrative and halftone illustrations in his work.

Try SPC’s Yearbook Creator and online app Yearbook Designer Live! to design your own yearbook. If you would prefer your yearbook to be professionally designed in a comic book or any other style, contact SPC Yearbooks or request your sample pack.

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